Basket Accessories

About the Collection

From basket dividers and liners to hanging labels for your baskets, our Basket Accessories selection offers foodservice operators everything they need to create the perfect display with operational durability and fashion-forward style.


  • Break-Resistant Melamine
  • Ideal for Outdoor Entertaining
  • Lightweight
  • All items stackable except for hanging label
  • Durable
  • All items food-safe except for hanging label
ACRDIV-01 18" x 12" Basket Divider, 4" deep
ACRDIV-02 18" x 12" Basket Divider, 2" deep
SGN-19 Hanging Card Holder for Wire Baskets
PL-01 11.5" 4-Compartment Tray
PL-03 17.25" x 11.375" Liner
PL-05 17.25" x 11.375" Liner
PL-02 11.375" x 11.375" Liner

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