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About the Collection

Beautiful jade-tinted displayware from the Caché collection is ideal to add to your presentations because it looks just like glass, but is lightweight and durable. The Caché collection features a wide range of sizes and creative shapes ideal for serving anything from salads to desserts. Made from polycarbonate, you benefit from glasslike clarity and budget-saving operational durability.


  • Commercial Dishwasher Safe
  • Break-Resistant Polycarbonate
  • Translucent Crackled-Glass Look
  • Textured to Conceal Scratches
  • Beautiful jade-tinted displayware in a wide variety of shapes and interesting styles
HI-2035- 3 qt. Oval Bowl
HI-2034- 6 qt. Oval Bowl
HI-2031- 20" x 8" Oval Platter
HI-2032- 22.5" x 9" Oval Platter
HI-2016- 12.75" Square Plate
HI-2017- 14.5" Square Plate
HI-2037- 11.5 oz. Cascading Bowl
HI-2018- 4 qt. Bowl
HI-2040- 2.6 qt. Bowl
HI-2030- 18" x 9" Rectangular Platter
HI-2036- 34" x 8.5" S-Shaped Platter
HI-2260- 21.5" x 8.25" Display Tray

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