Corona Artisan Beige Corona Artisan Beige

About the Collection

Each piece of Artisan Beige is thoughtfully hand-painted with care by Colombian artisans and offers chefs beautiful farm-to-table aesthetics. A collection by Corona porcelain, Artisan Beige features modern coupe and rimmed dinnerware, along with other interesting and engaging shapes. Fully vitrified and with high alumina and rolled edges, you benefit from operationally durable pieces with a standard 5-year edge-chip warranty on all round products.


  • Style Borne of the Collective Memory of Our Craftsmen
  • Hand-Painted
  • High Alumina Vitrified Porcelain
  • Superior Durability and Chip-Resistance
  • Oven and Salamander Safe Up to 380°F
  • Commercial Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
  • Lead and Cadmium Free
  • 5-Year Warranty on Rounded Corners
PP1605727324 3.8 oz. Beige Porcelain Bowl
PP1605725124 8 oz. Beige Porcelain Bowl
PA1605703624 9.7 oz. Beige Porcelain Soup Bowl with Rim
PA1605807506 28.7 oz. Beige Porcelain Slanted Bowl
PA1605807412 17.9 oz. Beige Porcelain Slanted Bowl
PA1605907424 7.8 oz. Beige Porcelain Slanted Bowl
PA1605923324 29.6 oz. Beige Porcelain Bowl
PP1605723812 34.3 oz. Beige Porcelain Pasta Bowl
PP1605723224 11 oz. Beige Porcelain Bowl
PA1605904224 3.7 oz. Beige Porcelain Round Espresso Cup
PA1605904424 8.8 oz. Beige Porcelain Espresso/Tea Cup
PP1605726424 11 oz. Beige Porcelain Mug
PA1605900124 5" Beige Porcelain Coffee/Espresso Saucer
PA1605900324 6 1/2" Beige Porcelain Tea/Bouillon Saucer
PA1605711724 7" Beige Porcelain Coupe Plate
PA1605712324 9" Beige Porcelain Coupe Plate
PA1605837512 52.4 oz. Beige Porcelain Coupe Plate
PA1605712812 11" Beige Porcelain Coupe Plate
PP1605722024 7 1/2" Beige Porcelain Plate
PP1605722612 10" Beige Porcelain Plate
PP1605722912 12" Beige Porcelain Plate
PP1605807712 11 3/4" x 9 2/3" Beige Porcelain Oval Platter
PP1605727906 13 7/9 x 9 2/3 Beige Porcelain Platter
PA1605930024 2.7 oz. Beige Porcelain Mini Bowl/Ramekin

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