About the Collection

Inspired by water-smoothed river stones, this melamine dinnerware draws on natural themes, offering chefs the perfect canvas for food plating that speaks to the authenticity and transparency of the ingredients they work so hard to provide.


  • NSF Certified
  • 100% BPA Free
  • Break-Resistant Melamine
  • Commercial Dishwasher Safe
  • Stackable
  • Lightweight
  • Customizable
  • Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Inspired by water-smoothed river stones and natural themes
B-401- 1.5 oz. Melamine, Ramekin/Small Oval Sauce Cup
B-500- 3 oz. Melamine, Small Side Dish Bowl
B-1200- 8 oz. Melamine, Small Side Dish Bowl/Soup Bowl
B-1000- 10 oz. Bouillon Bowl
B-2000- 12 oz. Melamine, Salad Bowl
B-2020- 20 oz. Soup/Salad Bowl
B-4500- 28 oz. Melamine, Large Salad Bowl
B-7535- 30 oz. Pho Bowl
B-5000- 50 oz. Entree Bowl
CS-610- 6" Small Serving Plate
CS-710- 7" Melamine, Small Round Coupe Bread Plate
CS-910- 9.1" Melamine, Small Round Coupe Dinner Plate
CS-1050- 10.6" Melamine, Round Coupe Dinner Plate
CS-1275- 12" x 7.5" Melamine, Oval Coupe Dinner Plate
CS-1410- 14" x 10" Oval Coupe Platter

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