Santa Fe™ (Ironstone)

About the Collection

The Santa Fe™ collection brings understated style and traditionally designed plates, platters and bowls to your tabletop. Featuring a light beige color and speckled with gentle, gray flecks, operators lean on Santa Fe™ to carry them through the rigors of daily foodservice while accommodating a wide variety of classic menu items.


  • NSF Certified
  • 100% BPA Free
  • Break-Resistant Melamine
  • Commercial Dishwasher Safe
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor service
  • Lightweight
  • Stackable
B-525- 16 oz. Bowl
OP-950- 9.75" x 7.25" Oval Platter
OP-120- 12" x 9" Oval Platter
OP-115- 11.5" x 8" Oval Platter
OP-215- 11.5" x 8" Oval Platter
M-4020- 14" x 10" Oval Platter
M-4010- 16.25" x 12" Oval Platter
BF-050- 3.5 oz. Bowl
BF-070- 10 oz. Bowl
BF-725- 14 oz. Bowl
M-810- 24 oz. Bowl
M-811- 1 qt. Bowl
BF-060- 6.25" Round Plate
BF-700- 7.25" Round Plate
BF-090- 9" Round Plate
BF-010- 10" Round Plate
BC-70- 7 oz. Bowl
BC-007- 8 oz. Bowl
BC-170- 8 oz. Bowl
TM-1208- 8 oz. Mug
SC-10- 10 oz. Mug
BF-080- 11 oz. Mug
HSB-112- 12 oz. Bowl w/ Handle
C-112- 13 oz. Mug
B-1611- 16 oz. Bowl
SK-1- 24 oz. Skillet
OP-220- 12" x 9" Oval Platter

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