Social Club

About the Collection

The speakeasy spirit roars to life with Social Club barware. Flaunting flared edges and neat coupes, stemmed and stemless pieces, only Social Club offers vintage 20s-style barware refined enough for Jay Gatsby yet durable enough for his large parties. Made 100% from Tritan, your benefits extend beyond durability to unrivaled clarity and scratch resistance. New to the market are four pieces previously unavailable in Tritan foodsafe plastic, which opens the door to more creative bar service: the Nick and Nora, the coupe cocktail, the stemless champagne and the 3.5 oz cocktail glass. Showcase your colorful craft cocktails in shatterproof Social Club pieces and ignite a sense of refined mystery with a tantalizing flair for your guests.


  • 100% BPA Free
  • Commercial Dishwasher Safe
  • Ideal for Outdoor Entertaining
  • Available in Tritan (BPA-free)
  • Lightweight
SW-2016-CL 3.5 oz. Cocktail Glass
SW-2015-CL 4 oz. Nick & Nora Cocktail Glass
SW-2017-CL 5.5 oz. Champagne Glass
SW-2014-CL 6 oz. Tritan, Clear, Martini/Cocktail Glass
SW-2011-CL 7 oz. Stemless Champagne Glass
SW-2013-CL 8 oz. Coupe Cocktail Glass
SW-2010-CL 14 oz. Classic Wine Glass With Stem
SW-2012-CL 24.5 oz. Copa Gin/Margarita Glass

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