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About the Collection

From martinis to goblets and wine glasses to brandy snifters and everything in between, this fashion-forward stemware collection is made from heavyweight, shatterproof plastic with crystal clear clarity. While it’s lighter than glass and crystal, this drinkware has plenty of heft, offering guests excellent hand-feel. Operators love this collection because it looks as nice as glass and crystal but cannot shatter, which creates a safer environment for guests and staff while saving operations significant cost savings over less durable materials.


  • NSF Certified
  • Break-Resistant Melamine
  • Commercial Dishwasher Safe
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor service
  • Lightweight
  • The majority of items are BPA-free, any item made with PC contains BPA
SP-GOB-20-1-SAN- 20 oz., 5" Schooner, 7" Tall
GOB-12-1-SAN- 12 oz. Goblet
GOB-20-1-SAN- 20 oz. Schooner
SW-1401-1-SAN- 6 oz. Champagne
SW-1420-1-SAN- 6 oz. Fluted Champagne
SW-1413-1- 8 oz. Goblet
SW-1414-1- 12 oz. Goblet
SW-1432-1- 32 oz. SAN, Clear, Super Margarita
SW-1403-1-SAN- 12 oz. Margarita
SW-1405-1-SAN- 16 oz. Margarita
SW-1430-1- 3 oz. Martini
SW-1402-1-SAN- 6 oz. Martini
SW-1407-1-SAN- 10 oz. Martini
SW-1419- 48 oz. SAN, Black, Super Martini
SW-1419-1-SAN- 48 oz. SAN, Clear, Super Martini
SW-1612- 12 oz. Stainless Steel Martini
SW-1428-1-SAN- 36 oz. SAN, Clear, Schooner
SW-1406-1-SAN- 6 oz. Wine
SW-1404-1-SAN- 8 oz. Wine
SW-1421-1-SAN- 8 oz. Fluted Wine
SW-1422-1-SAN- 8 oz. Fluted Wine
SW-1449- 10 oz. Irish Coffee Mug
SW-1446-1-TRITAN- 15 oz. Tall Wine
BRA-2-PC- 16 oz. Brandy
SW-1467- 18 oz. Goblet
SW-1447-1-TRITAN- 20 oz. Balloon Wine

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