Strata Buffet System

About the Collection

ST11722001K Strata Beverage Station Kit
ST11722001 Strata Beverage Station Top
ST11302013 Strata Caddy, 9.5" x 7" x 4.875" H
ST11201112 Strata Round Carving/Display Tray
ST11209112 Strata Round Carving/Display Tray
ST11209111EVK Strata Rectangular Carving Station Kit
ST11209111EV Strata Rectangular Carving/Display Tray, Everest
ST11209112EVK Strata Round Carving Station Kit
ST11209112EV Strata Round Carving/Display Tray, Everest
ST11702012K Strata Double Rectangular Sauté/Cooker Kit
ST11702012 Strata Rectangular Double Sauté/Cooker Top
ST11610000 Strata Food Pan, 2.5" Deep, 13.5 Dia.
ST11402011 Strata Inkjet Printable Magnetic Sign Labels
ST11602111 Strata Rectangular Base Unit, 24.5" x 16.5" x 5.25" H, with Protective Case
ST11602114K Strata Rectangular Chafing Dish Kit
ST11602114 Strata Rectangular/Oblong Clamshell Insert with Glass Lid, 8 qt.
ST11602129 Strata Rectangular Double Sauté/Cooker with Two Butane Stoves
ST11702013K Strata Rectangular Double Warmer Kit
ST11702013 Strata Rectangular Double Warmer Top
ST11702011K Strata Rectangular Grill Kit
ST11702011 Strata Rectangular Grill Top, 23.5" x 15.5" x 2" H, with Drip Cup
ST11610110 Strata Rectangular Protective Case
ST11712015 Strata Rectangular Serving Tray
ST11712014K Strata Rectangular Serving Tray Kit
ST11712014 Strata Rectangular Serving Tray
ST11302111 Strata Rectangular Stage/Riser, 12" x 10" x 4.625" H, Without Caddy
ST11602112 Strata Rectangular System Deck Unit, 24.5" x 16.5" x 5.25" H, with Protective Case
ST11612101 Strata Replacement Bumpers, for Base and Deck
ST11612102 Strata Replacement Feet, for Base and Deck
#1270012 Strata Replacement Handle for Round Clamshell Insert with Glass Lid
#1270021 Strata Replacement Hinge for Rectangular Clamshell Insert with Glass Lid ST11602114
#1270022 Strata Replacement Hinge for Round Clamshell Insert with Glass Lid
#1270011 Strata Replacement Handle for Rectangular Clamshell Insert with Glass Lid
ST11702016 Strata Replacement Warming Grate
ST11702017 Strata Replacement Sauté/Cooker Grate
ST11612104 Strata Replacement Square Drawer
ST11702010 Single Butane Tray/Grate
ST11610012 Strata Replacement Round Clamshell Lid Set
ST11612103 Strata Replacement Rectangular Drawer
ST11610011 Strata Replacement Rectangular/Oblong Clamshell Lid Set
ST11702009 Strata Replacement Top with (2) Grates for Double Butane Saute/Cooker
ST11602118K Strata Round Chafing Dish Kit
ST11602118 Strata Round Clamshell Insert with Glass Lid, 4 qt.
ST11602115 Strata Square Base Unit, 16.5" x 16.5" x 5.25 "H, for Round Insert, with Protective Case
ST11602116 Strata Square Deck Unit, 16.5" x 16.5" x 5" H, with Protective Case
ST11610111 Strata Square Protective Case
ST11702014K Strata Square Sauté/Cooker Kit
ST11702014 Strata Square Single Sauté/Cooker Top
ST11712016K Strata Square Serving Tray Kit
ST11712016 Strata Square Serving Tray
ST11602130 Strata Square Single Sauté/Cooker with Butane Stove
ST11702015K Strata Square Single Warmer Kit
ST11702015 Strata Square Single Warmer Top
ST11102001 Strata Stack/Storage Cart, 30" x 22" x 25.5" H, 14 Gauge Stainless Steel
ST11302112 Strata Wedge-Style Stage/Riser, 12" x 10" x 4.5" H, Without Caddy

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