How do I purchase G.E.T.'s products?

GET products are available for purchase through all US foodservice equipment and supplies distributors, either as stocked inventory or as special order. If you need help finding a distributor in your area, please provide your information here.

Can I try a G.E.T. product sample in my foodservice operation?

You sure can. There are many ways to obtain samples to test in your operation. Please use the form here to submit your information so we can help you in obtaining a sample.

Do G.E.T. products have a warranty?

G.E.T. Enterprises offers products crafted from premium materials for exceptional user experiences. G.E.T. stands behind this quality and works to ensure that products are free of defects in material and workmanship. If you believe any G.E.T. product you have purchased has a defect in material or workmanship, please contact your dealer/distributor or G.E.T. Customer Service at (800) 727.4500 for assistance.

Bugambilia® Resin Coated Aluminum COLD Applications - 3 year warranty

  • Bugambilia® products used for cold food service are guaranteed to be free of manufacturer's defects and chipping or lifting of its coating for a three-year period from date of purchase under normal use.

Bugambilia® Resin Coated Aluminum WARM Applications - 1 year warranty

  • Bugambilia® products used for warm food service are guaranteed to be free of manufacturer's defects and chipping or lifting of its coating for a one-year period from date of purchase under normal use.

What is melamine?

Melamine is a non-toxic resin. G.E.T.’s melamine dinnerware and servingware is crafted from the highest-quality, 100% pure melamine to provide the best in strength, safety, and appearance. All G.E.T. melamine products are NSF certified to guarantee they meet the highest industry standards for health and sanitation.

What does NSF Certification stand for and what does it mean for my operation?

NSF, or the National Sanitation Foundation, is a non-profit organization whose goal is to create standards for food safety and sanitation to promote public health.

When you purchase NSF certified foodservice products, it means:

  • The manufacturer of foodservice products uses only FDA approved raw materials
  • Products passed numerous NSF testing for material safety, design, construction, and product performance
  • A guarantee that harmful chemicals won’t seep into and contaminate the food of your customers
  • Products are commercial dishwasher safe and will not likely harbor bacteria

Learn more about NSF certification here: What Is NSF and How NSF Certified Products Can Benefit Your Foodservice Operation?

How do I properly care for melamine tableware and plastic drinking glasses?

G.E.T. products require minimal care and maintenance. Please watch our recommended care and maintenance video guidelines here

How long will melamine tableware last?

If proper care & maintenance guidelines are followed, melamine tableware can last for several years. Due to its inherent strength and durability, most G.E.T. melamine tableware is usually replaced because of appearance instead of breakage or failure.

To learn more about replacement and proper care for melamine tableware…
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Does G.E.T. offer custom product design and development?

We absolutely do. In fact, we have been offering custom product designs for clients for several decades. G.E.T. offers a complete range of product customization:

  • Custom sizes and shapes
  • Custom finishes, textures, and patterns
  • Custom artwork and decals
  • Custom colors to match your branding or theme

For more information on G.E.T. product customization…
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How do I become a G.E.T. product distributor?

We are always happy to hear about interest in our products and brand! Please provide your information here and we will be in touch to further discuss the possibility of distribution.